Advanced Integrated Systems Lab. In the Department of Electrical Engineering at Korea University is interested in the areas of cutting edge mixed-mode IC design, next generation VLSI design, energy efficient system design, and  unconventional computing. Major projects include

   , Quantum Computing/Quantum annealing/AI.

   , High-bandwidth, energy efficient wireline transceivers for data                     center, memory, display and automotive.

   , Power management IC (PMIC) and energy harvesting for IoT.

   , Data converters for 6G communications and sensor readout IC                      for automotive.

   , Digital circuits including cryptography/security, NTV library.

   , Bio-medical chip

  AISL is currently supported by BK-21, Samsung, SK- hynix, NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea), IITP(Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion), and etc.