Advanced Integrated Systems Lab

Dept. of Electronics and Computer Engineering

Korea University Anam Campus, 145, Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 136-701, Korea

Laboratory : International Center for

Converging Technology,

Room 516,

Tel : +82-2-3290-3252

Email :

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           1. Admission document submission : This is for the prospective international students who will apply.

                    Admission Deadline :

                       * The schedule may change depending on circumstances.

                        A. Please send your application documents via express mail or visit the office.

                        B. The office address is the following :

                                AcademicAffairsOffice, GraduateSchool, KoreaUniversity
                                145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-Gu Seoul 136-701, Korea, Phone : +822-3290-1358

                        C. Application Deadline :

                                September 30th (for Spring Semester)
                                March      31st  (for Fall Semester)

                       Document to submit :

           2. Dormitory Schedule

                    Application for dorm. :

                       * Only the continuing residents from Spring/Fall session can apply for the Summer/Winter session.

           3. Orientation for the fresh international student

                    Not exactly determined.
                        But the 10-15 days before the new semester. It is usually informed to new students when he gets the admission.

          4. The Korean Language Proficiency course

                   For detail information :

                   Usually the foreign student needs to take this course during the semester break. However, before that he/she needs to take the
                    placement test. He/she needs to visit the Korea University Language office 7-10 days before the semester ends. After visiting there,
                    he/she needs to register for the placement exam. The schedule is not fixed. Every year it changes, There is no online update for this
                    test schedule. Everything you need to get by visiting there. After the exam, the result is published on website. There are several link
                    for website. It is also confused. Better keep contact with other foreign students.